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 Plym Yacht Club Friday Series - which commenced on Friday 21st April 2017

After a successful Plymouth Gin Series which was run on from the Sunday 2nd April until the 23rd April and was ably controlled by Mike Pearson as Race Officer we now have started the Main Event of the season, our Friday Series starting on Friday 23rd April and hoping for another really great series of  races.

Friday Race 1 was held on a beautiful sunny evening with an even calm sea but reasonable North West Wind of between 8 to 12 knots and brought out our two fleets totalling 24 boats in all.

The First group of 16 Faster Cruisers and Sports Boats started cleanly at 6.30 a the course running out in the Sound to Duke Rock with Spinnakers flying and making a fine colourful sight.  Early leaders soon showed as Ian Mill’s Ingwe and Adam James in Joie de Vivre but with the rest of the fleet well grouped when they reached the first mark before starting a beat down to Asia.

The course would then take them to West Mallard and South Mallard ready to start the second lap with the run out to F Buoy and a beat back to North West Winter and home.

The B fleet of 8 smaller cruisers made a good start five minutes after the first group and with Summertime and Larrikin showing well but Poppin also very much in evidence taking an early lead.

With both fleets filling the Sound, running and beating, as they crossed each other and it was difficult to see the position of the various boats but in the A fleet Joie de Vivre and Ingwe were leading consistently with Mischief and Dogs Jorrocks not that far behind. Soundbite kept pace  with them and looked to be sailing well placed.

The two fleets were to be scored in two ways this year, many boats had taken ORC Ratings and would be scored under that system but as many others had kept to the NHC Rating all boats would also be scored under that scheme.

Under the ORC scoring Dogs Jorrocks with |Steve Wassell took the first place with Soundbite and Robin Butterworth coming second ahead of Joie de Vivre with Ingwe and Mischief just out of the placings.

The B Group were led home by Chris Tyrrell in Summertime with P Marshall in Avago second just ahead of second over the line Larrikin.  Keith Woodgate in Calvados was the only ORC Boat in this class but took fourth spot in the NHC Handicap.

Altogether a super evenings racing that was enjoyed by all before heading off to the club for later refreshments.

Friday Series  Race 2 Series 1

We had a light West, North West breeze of under 10 knots for this second race of the first series and Race Officer Chris Compton decided to set a course especially for such conditions that would start with a beat out to Asia and continuing by leaving Melampus to port then followed by a spinnaker run over to Dunstone Rock. The next mark would be a beat back to Melampus with a second spinnaker run to Dunstone before completing the course running down to South and then West Mallard for a finish.

Sixteen Fast cruisers in the A group set off in fine style beating over to Asia and Melampus with Joie de Vivre turning first by a very short space ahead of a close group of boats consisting of Ingwe, Mischief and Dogs Jorrocks with Aquaessence not far behind.

It now became quite a sight with boats conflicting positions with some running westwards and others beating back to the east.  

To add to the spectacle we had nine boats of the B class of cruisers following five minutes behind the A’S and they were soon turning Melampus and hoisting spinnakers, led by Summertime and Pop Gun both just ahead of Calvados and Hilarity.

With all boats now in a fairly small part of the Sound all passing each other in very close proximity we were presented with an exciting and colourful spectacle that made it quite difficult to follow the progress of each boat within their particular group.

It was clear however that the whole field was being led by Adam James in Joie de Vivre and he came home, first over the line, well ahead of a close finish between Ian Mills in Ingwe who beat Ashley Crawford’s Mischief by 4 seconds. Both were displaced on corrected time in the final results by Dogs Jorrocks in the ORC Class and by Jos of Avon in the NHC class with Mischief taking over from Ingwe on corrected time.

The B Class final placings were Pop Gun first and Chris Tyrrell’s Summertime second even though Summertime took line honours being first over the line. Calvados and Hilarity took the next two places.

This may have been a quiet night’s racing as far as the wind conditions were concerned but it certainly provided a fine spectacle to watch and a very exciting close race for all competitors that will have been enjoyed immensely by all.

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Friday Series Race 3 Series 1

Today's Weather forecast was for high Easterly Winds of 28mph gusting to 39mph. So It is our intention to advise any cancellation or change of  start etc. via facebook, email, by placing notices at Yachthaven and Oreston Slipway and by regular transmissions on channel 72 from 17.30 - 18.30hrs.

PYC Sailing Committee

Friday Series Race 4 Series 1

With last week’s race 3 having to be cancelled because of storm force winds it was great to have decent South West Wind for our fourth race even though the fine sunny weather that we have had during previous weeks had turned to misty and slightly rainy conditions but at least with a decent wind of between 14 to 18 knots.

Race Officer Paddy O’Connor decided on setting a course starting with a prolonged beat with the first mark as Melampus but continuing on to Queens Ground before a lengthy spinnaker run across the Sound over to F Buoy. The return home down to South Mallard and West Mallard made this a fine first lap that really gave all concerned a testing trial that caused quite a large spread across the fleet between first and last.

The second lap was considerably smaller with boats beating out to Yachthaven then across to Dunstone Rock before coming home through the Mallards.

With the first 18.30 start of the A fleet comprising of 18 yachts and headed out by Andy Williams with Keronimo, coming in for his first race of the series and showing us what a glorious yacht she is.  

Pete Duffy’s Xstatic, though smaller was not to be outdone and followed through the first mark just ahead of Red Rum, I Say Ding Dong and with several others in close contention.

By this time the B Fleet had made their start and the first to show here was Chris Tyrrell in Summertime but with the remaining 6 boats in a cluster tacking out together.

Keronimo was well in the lead as expected at Queens Ground and even though it was not easy to see clearly through the mist, when her large white spinnaker was hoisted we could see her on the way back to F Buoy. We then waited to see who would come next and it was a pretty close thing between Xstatic and Robert Fletcher’s I Say Ding Dong but with Red Rum and The Italian Job not far behind.

With the fleets now making progress across the Sound we could see Summertime leading the second fleet just ahead of Duchess with Larrikin and Hilarity fairly close.

The second lap took much less time once the boats turned West Mallard and with Keronimo home some 18 minutes ahead of the rest.  Red Rum came home in second place over the line but winning on corrected time with the John Gorman’s Italian Job coming third  yet winning the ORC handicap ahead of Dogs Jorrocks.

In the second fleet Duchess with Janie Smallridge took line honour just half a minute ahead of Summertime but being relegated on corrected time. Summertime first ,Larrikin second and Avago third.

What a night’s racing with all boats finishing in good time to get back to the club for food and the odd glass to wet their whistles.

Friday Series Race 5 Series 1

We had 30 boats out for this week’s race, 21 in the A Fleet and 9 in the B’s and with a reasonably brisk South West Wind varying between 6 to 12 knots the course set by Race Officer Chris Compton, started with a beat out to New Ground and a spinnaker run over to F Buoy before returning to the Mallards ready for the second and third laps. These comprised of a beat to Melampus and a run over to Dunstone Rock then reaching down to South Mallard and finally West Mallard for the finish.

We had the pleasure of seeing Andy Williams  Keronimo out again this week and she soon edged into a lead that she continued to hold throughout the race. The handicap she held would mean that she would give way to others in the results but she certainly makes quite a sight on the water.

Much closer together we saw Ingwe, Joie de Vivre and Mischief vying for second place just ahead of Rumour, Aquaessence and Red Rum with The Italian Job, Xstatic and I Say Ding Dong in close order not far away. A wind change of some 45 degrees during the second lap caused the Race Officer to make a slight change of course for the third lap substituting Asia buoy for Melampus and with several notifications to the fleets over the VHF on channel 72 all boats complied with much merriment by all. Throughout the three laps little difference in times and space took place making a close race with all the remaining fleets jockeying for position after the change.

The B Fleet, starting 5 minutes after the larger fleet also made a fine race of it with Janie Smallridge’s Duchess and Chris Tyrrell’s Summertime in a grand tussle just ahead of Avago and Larrikin. This was also a very close race however with all boats showing well and all finishing in good time.

It may not have been the fine sunny evening we could have hoped for but nevertheless the weather held pretty fair throughout in spite of the wind change and all will have enjoyed a fine evenings racing.

Final Results as follows.:

A Fleet ORC.    1st Joie de Vivre, Adam James.    2nd Soundbite, Robin Butterworth. 3rd The Italian Job, John Gorman.

A Fleet NHC.    1st Joie de Vivre, Adam James.    2nd Ingwe, Ian Mills.    3rd Jos of Avon, Mike Nuttall

B Fleet ORC.    1st Plymouth Yacht Haven, Team Yacht Haven.    2nd Calvados, Keith Woodgate.

B Fleet NHC.    1st Duchess, Janie Smallridge.   2nd Avago, Phil Marshall.   3rd Plymouth Yacht Haven, Team Yacht Haven.

Friday Series Race 6 Series 1

The sun was shining and the wind was blowing strongly from the East for our Sixth Race of the series but with the holiday weekend upon us we had fewer boats out competing as many skippers and crews were away with families for the Whitsun weekend.

We did however have a total of 14 boats out in the two groups for a three lap race with plenty of excitement in the blustery conditions with gusts up to 24 knots at times.

Leading the field in the A Fleet as expected was Andy Williams Keronimo with the first leg reaching out to New Ground but with a pretty tight pack following, consisting of C. Dawdry’s Rumour, Team Aqua in Aquaessence and Ashley Crawford in Mischief.

The second leg caused all boats to beat against the wind over to Duke Rock before returning to South and then West Mallard ready for lap 2 which was a run over to Yacht Haven Buoy and beating back across the Sound to Dunstone Rock. Few changes took place during these stages but Steve Wassell in Dogs Jorrocks managed to get ahead of The Italian Job with John Gorman during this second lap and retained that advantage up to the finish.

The 5 B Class Boats, starting 5 minutes after the A Fleet, were being led out by Larrikin with Terry Cross but very closely followed by Geoff Phillips in Hilarity and Spellbound only seconds behind. This fleet was called in after completing the second lap as conditions were changing with less wind to contend with so the Race Officer decided that they should finish after round two. Larrikin took line honours and won on corrected time also, with Hilarity just a minute behind.

The larger A Fleet meanwhile were tackling the third lap consisting of a reach out to Melampus, a beat over to Dunstone for the second time and finally reaching down to the Mallards for the finish.

Keronimo was the first boat home ahead of all boats from both fleets but her handicap proved too great for her to gain a podium position. Second over the line was Rumour with Aquaessence third. All boats recorded very good times even though handicaps altered the positions somewhat.

Final Results.

A Fleet ORC.          1st Marks And, Hugh Spencer. 2nd Dogs Jorrocks, Steve Wassell. 3rd Italian Job, John Gorman.

    Fleet  NHC.         1st Marks And, Hugh Spencer.   2nd Aquaessence, Team Aqua.    3rd Academy 1, Andrew Hudson.

B Fleet NHC.           1st Larrikin, Terry Cross   . 2nd Hilarity, Geoff Phillips.    3rd Plymouth Yacht Haven, Team Yacht Haven.

    Fleet ORC          . 1st Plymouth Yacht Haven, Team Yacht Haven

Friday Series Race 7 Series 1

A north Wind of 8 to 15 Knots made choosing a course a little difficult for the Race Officer this week for it is always more of a problem when you can’t start the race with a beat into wind. The first leg of the course this week would be a spinnaker run out to Duke Rock before beating back down the Sound to Asia then reaching over to the Mallards before the second round running out to F Buoy. The continuation of the race would be beating down to North West Winter, returning to the Mallards and then a similar third lap to the finish. That was the plan anyway and apart from cutting out the third lap for the B Group of smaller boats all went well.

The A Fleet started well with 18 yachts competing and it was not easy to see who would reach the first mark in the lead but a close group rounded before the beat to Asia with Xstatic, Ingwe and I Say Ding Dong showing well.  The beat ended with these three leading into the second round but with a host of others coming through the line very close together, just to keep the line crew on their toes recording the times. Unfortunately one boat had to be disqualified for not correctly rounding the buoys although Wisecrack continued for at least another lap.

The B Fleet of course, starting five minutes after the First group, showed Duchess leading out the 7 boats with Summertime, Poppin and Avago very close behind.

With the wind strength varying throughout the race we had a couple of retirements as well as the one disqualification but all the remaining boats completed their full course and all managed to get home happily within the time limits.

First home was the B Fleet led in by Janie Smallridge in Duchess with Tim Burne’s Poppin second over the line seconds ahead of Avago.  The last of the B Fleet only just completed before Xstatic took line honours for the A Fleet half a minute ahead of I Say Ding Dong and Ingwe coming in third. Only five or six minutes separated the first six boats which shows how keen the racing is within these fleets.

Final Results.

 A Fleet ORC Handicap   . 1st  Dogs Jorrocks, Steve Wassell.    2nd  Soundbite, Robin Butterworth.    3rd Xstatic, Pete Duffy.

              NHC Handicap.      1st Xstatic, Pete Duffy. 2nd Academy 1, Andrew Hudson. 3rd Dogs Jorrocks, Steve Wassell.

B Fleet NHC Handicap.      1st Sirene John Freeman. 2nd Poppin, Tim Burne. 3rd Avago, P.J Marshall.

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Friday Series Race 8 Series 1

Race 8 of the first Series was held in light Variable winds of just over 6 to 11 knots from the south west and as a consequence of the light conditions Race Officer Patrick O’Connor decided to set two different courses for the A Fleet and the slower B Fleet. Both would start with beating out to New Ground but the A Fleet would then proceed over to Duke Rock before returning to base at the Mallards but the B Fleet would traverse over to F buoy instead of the outer buoy.  

The second round for each group would be quite different with the A Fleet returning to New Ground before running over to F Buoy and home whereas the B Fleet would use Melampus for the beat and Dunstone as the spinnaker run. All boats finishing through South Mallard and to the finish line at West Mallard.

15 yachts started well on time in the A Fleet and Xstatic with Peter Duffy edging into a short lead ahead of Joie de Vivre with Ashley Crawford’s Mischief and Ian Mills Ingwe not far behind. Steve Wassell in Dogs Jorrocks was chasing hard with Slipknot and Soundbite certainly not out of the running. Aquaessence was also showing well and soon made grounds to join the leaders.

During the second round boats closed up somewhat but the actual positions didn’t change a great deal. The final positions as they passed the finishing line were Xstatic, Joie de Vivre and Ingwe with Mischief and Aquaessence not far behind.The B Fleet, although starting 5 minutes later, started to catch up with the last boats of the A Fleet during the first beat being led by Terry Cross in Larrikin just ahead of Hilarity and Spellbound. During the two laps, Hilarity took over the lead with Summertime and Spellbound getting ahead of Larrikin also and with Duchess also coming into the reckoning.Hilarity took line honours for the B Fleet and finished just ahead of Xstatic although on the shorter course.

With the two different courses being used we were able to watch all boats competing closely and finishing in good time with plenty of time to get back to the clubhouse for refreshments before hearing the final results.

Final Results.

 A Fleet ORC          1st Joie de Vivre, Adam James. 2nd Dogs Jorrocks, Steve Wassell. 3rd Mischief, Ashley Crawford.,,                                  1st XstaticPeter Duffy. 2nd  Jos of Avon, Mike Nuttall. 3rd Aquaessence, Team Aqua.

B Fleet. NHC          1st Hilarity, Geoff Phillips. 2nd Avago, P.J.Marshall. 3rd Larrikin, Terry Cross.

B Fleet ORC           1st Plymouth Yacht Haven, Team Yacht Haven.

Friday Series Race  9 Series 1

A lovely sunny evening with a flat sea and a very light wind from the west greeted the yachts about to tackle the penultimate round of the first series but 21 boats were only too keen to participate and were ready on time for the start.

Setting the course with a beat into the breeze to the first buoy St Nicholas boats were soon on opposite tacks trying to make the most of the varying currents from the incoming tide.

It was difficult to see which would reach the buoy first but as they started to round it before starting a shy spinnaker run out to F Buoy we could see Ian Luscombe’s Curly Wurly and Ian Mills’s Ingwe with I Say Ding Dong and Robert Fletcher just ahead of Mischief and a host of others including Jos of Avon and several seascapes.

There were 14 boats in the first A Fleet and a further 6 boats in the B Fleet with a short 5 minute gap between the two. Gaps soon started appearing in the A Fleet particularly, although as they neared F Buoy where they all came closer together as a faster tide and a drop in the breeze caused quite a pile up with the B Fleet catching many of the faster boats and making it a real free for all. Turning F Buoy, the course then took boats on a beat over to New Ground and picking up more wind the groups were soon spreading out over a wide area.

At New Ground the first to show, rounding to starboard, for a reach back down the Sound to South Mallard was Ian Mills Ingwe with Curly Wurly not far behind and I say Ding Dong in third place. Then there was a big gap before other boats rounded and set off to finish the first round going through South and then West Mallard. Some of the B Fleet had overtaken their faster rivals and Hilarity and Duchess were seen putting up spinnakers as the wind shifted somewhat on this run down to the home buoys.

With such a light and changing wind, Race Officer Chris Compton radioed the fleets to alter the second round course so that St Nicholas was changed to Asia Buoy and this was followed by a run over to Dunstone Rock before proceeding to the finishing buoys.

Apart from the first 3 boats there was a pretty close finish with the next 5 boats all within about 4 minutes of each other and led by Xstatic.

The Leading boat of the B Fleet, Geoff Phillips’s Hilarity, arrived ahead of the last few boats of the A Fleet after a super race.

All boats finished well within the time limit which spoke well for the alteration to the course by the Race Team.

Final Results.

A Fleet ORC.      1st Italian Job, John Gorman. 2nd Ingwe, Ian Mills. 3rd Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe.

A Fleet NHC.         1st Ingwe, Ian Mills. 2nd I Say Ding Dong, Robert Fletcher. 3rd Red Run, Steve Andrew.

B Fleet NHC.      1st Hilarity, Geoff Phillips. 2nd Plymouth Yacht Haven, Team Yacht Haven. 3rd Calvados,  Keith Woodgate.

B Fleet ORC.      1st Plymouth Yacht Haven, Team Yacht Haven. 2nd Calvados, Keith Woodgate.

Friday Series Race 10 Series 1

The final race of the first series was held on a fine evening with a fairly strong west, south west wind of between 17 and 20 knots and encouraged no less than 28 boats in the two classes to come out to race for honours. 20 boats in the A Fleet and a further 8 boats in the second B Fleet.

With a High Tide having just turned, the courses were set with an outgoing beat over to Asia with the A Fleet then reaching across to F Buoy before a second beat over to New Ground. They would then run back across the Sound to The Mallards ready to start a second lap.

The B Fleet, starting 5 minutes later would also beat to Asia but would then run across to Dunstone with a second beat over to Yachthaven Buoy before coming back to start the second lap.

This second course would also be used for the second lap for the A Fleet, with both fleets having different third laps before finishing.

With a couple of boats over the line for the first start, it was difficult to see which boat would reach the first buoy in the lead as they were taking alternative port and starboard tacks as they beat out into the Sound eventually we saw Ian Mills’s Ingwe round the buoy just ahead of Ian Luscombe’s Curly Wurly with Joie de Vivre close on their heels. There seemed to be a bit of a gap before Rumor and Slipknot turned but with Jamala, Aquaessence and Soundbite close behind there was quite a sight as the Sound filled with boats.

The second fleet started with all but one boat in very close company and the last one coming along somewhat later. When they reached Dunstone and turned to Yachthaven we had boats travelling in both directions as the A Fleet were completing their first lap.

With a shorter second lap it allowed several B class boats to join in with the first fleet from now on and made for a fine spectacle.

The third lap for Fleet One was a beat to Asia, continuing onto Melampus before returning home whereas the second fleet would use South Winter for their second buoy.

Curly Wurly had overtaken Ingwe fairly early on the first lap, using her spinnaker, and duly took line honours with Joie de vivre coming in third a few minutes later. Jamal and Rumor were very close behind with many boats finishing quite close together.

The B Fleet were led in by Duchess with Summertime only seconds behind with Hilarity third.

Final Results

A Fleet ORC.         1st Soundbite, Robin Butterworth. 2nd No Name Seascape, John McLaren. 3rd Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe.

A Fleet NHC.         1st No Name Seascape, John McLaren. 2nd Academy 1, Andrew Hudson. 3rd Soundbite, Robin Butterworth.

B Fleet NHC.         1st Hilarity, Geoff Phillips. 2nd Duchess, Janie Smallridge. 3rd Plymouth Yacht Haven, Team Yacht Haven.

Friday First Series Final Results Top Three.

The final results of the first Friday Series listing the top three places in each category.

Class A Combined ORC results                          1st  Dogs Jorrocks,      skipper Steve Wassell. with 15 Net Points.

  2nd  Italian Job,       skipper John Gorman with 28 Net Points.

  3rd  Sounndbite,      skipper Robin Butterworth with 31 Net Points.

Class A Combined NHC results.                          1st  Jos of Avon,           skipper Mike Nuttall with 62 Net Points.

   2nd  Academy 1,     skipper Andrew Hudson with 77 Net Points

                                                                                       3rd  Mischief,           skipper Ashley Crawford with 82 Net Points.

Class B Combined NHC result                              1st  Avago,                   skipper P.J.Marshall with 28 Net Points.

                                                                                        2nd  Larrikin,           skipper Terry Cross with 38.5 Net Points.

                                                                                        3rd  Hilarity,             skipper Geoff Phillips with 43 Net Points.

Class B ORC Result.                                           With only two boats in this class no results will be recorded

Points have been awarded after allowing for one cancelled race and two discards.



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