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Long Distance Race for the Plym Yacht Club on Saturday 13th May 2017.

This Saturday the 13th May saw the Long Distance Race of the Plym Yacht Club held in fine sunny weather with a decent South West Wind of over 14 knots that allowed a varied but reasonably lengthy course of 19 miles to be set.

The Race Officer chose to send the fleets out on course 55 which started with a beat out to L4 Buoy which is just 8 miles out from the start line directly heading for the Eddistone Rocks Light House. The fleet would then leave the buoy to port and turn with wind behind them and set spinnakers flying to enable them to return to the sound leaving Duke Rock Buoy to port and returning to the start line. They would then take a second lap beating out to Queens Ground again, leaving that to port, before crossing over to Duke Rock once more and finishing at West Mallard.

We had two fleets out with a total of 19 yachts but 4 different sets of results as we were dual scoring for IRC, ORC, Port Handicapping and Two Handed. Great fun for the race team and giving all competitors various chances in the results.

With the weather holding up beautifully throughout the race all sailors will have had a most enjoyable sail even though highly competitive and of course the fleets were fairly well spread out as they finished but nevertheless all finished well inside the time limits ready to return to the club to hear how they got on. The first boat over the line at the finish was Dan Flanagan’s Sunburst with Joyride coming in second and Xtortion8 third but of course these positions would be altered by corrections from their handicaps.

The IRC Results                                   1st Elusive , Neil Trathen. 2nd Xtorsion8, Dave Oliver. 3rd Sunburst, Dan Flanagan.

The ORC Results                                 1st Mischief, Ashley Crawford. 2nd Jos of Avon, Mike Nuttall. 3rd Jamala, Jon Harris.

The Port Handicap overall results.   1st Seascape 24 Demo, Peter Wanstall. 2nd Xtortion8, Dave Oliver. 3rd Jamala, Jon Harris.

The 2 Handed Results.                        1st Joy Ride, Sean Koehler. 2nd Katisha, Phil Pryor. 3rd Hesione, Roger Bloomfield.

This race is part of the Ullman Sails of Plymouth Series and we now look forward to the next part of this series which is the weekend races to and from Fowey jointly hosted by the Plym Yacht Club and The Saltash Sailing Club.

  3rd. & 4th. June.

Plymouth to Fowey Race and return Race to Plymouth 3rd and 4th June 2017

The Annual weekend of races to Fowey and back run jointly by the Saltash Sailing Club and the Plym Yacht Club were held on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th June and were as usual well supported  by a mixed fleet of yachts from both IRC and NHC handicap classes.

With a reasonable wind from the West South West the IRC fleet started on time at 1100 hrs with Keronimo helmed by Andy Williams soon edging into the lead ahead of Sunburst and Xtortion8.

The NHC Class followed 5 minutes later and we had a fine sight with all boats tacking out on a fine but overcast day. We were able to watch until the fleets disappeared round the headland and then had to wait for their later progress and results.

With wind varying in strength the race took much longer than we anticipated but eventually boats made it to the finish line although some of the smaller boats had to retire.

First boat , as expected was Keronimo at half past two with Sunburst some little time after.

The first of the NHC Fleet did not arrive until nearly 1700hrs when two boats finished within a minute of each other, 1st Seascape 24 followed second later by Mischief with Aquaessence third.

Final results were as follows.

 IRC          1st Jeronim, Andy Williams. 2nd Sunburst, Dan Flanagan. 3rd Elusive, Neil Trathen.  

 NHC         1st Crazy Rhythm, Ashley Davies. 2nd Jo0s of Avon, Mike Nuttall. 3rd Seascape 24, Peter Wanstall. 4th Mischief Ashley                   Crawford.

On Sunday, the return race started half an hour earlier at 1030 hrs, still with a westerly wind and a much better sky to encourage the sailors even though the early part of the race was with some rain.

As the Plym was dual scoring the race with IRC, NHC and ORC handicaps we had different boats taking the honours in the various classes.

Finishing in fine sunny conditions we had a different winner in the IRC Class with Neil Trathen’s Elusive edging out Keronimo on corrected times with Sunburst third and Xtortion 8 coming in fourth.

The ORC Classification was won by Mischief with Seascape 24  second and Jos of Avon third.

Slightly different positions occurred  in the NHC Classification and we also had a two handed  section as this was an Ullman Series Race.

Final Results .

 IRC            1st Elusive Neil Trathen.    2nd Keronimo, Andy Williams.    3rd Sunburst, Dan Flanagan.

NHC.           1st Seascape 24, Peter Wanstall.    2nd Crazy Rhythm, Ashley Davies.    3rd Mischief, Ashley Crawford.

ORC.          1st Mischief, Ashley Crawford.    2nd Seascape 24, Peter Wanstall.    3rd Jos of Avon, Mike Nuttall.

2 Handed.   1st Joburg, Phil Hooper,    2nd Katisha, James Moor.

As always this weekend’s racing proved very successful in spite of some boats not able to complete both races in the times allowed.

Much enjoyed by all.

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The Plymouth to Salcome and return races.

The last race of the Ullman Series run once again jointly by the RNSA and the PYC was the Plymouth to Salcombe Race.

With a mixed forecast for the weekend and an awful forecast for the Sunday, the early decision was taken by PYC to cancel the return race on the Sunday to allow competitors to return on the Saturday.

A 1000 hour start was made off Moutbatten breakwater, the additional rounding mark was removed to make a straight run to Salcombe and after a light start the wind soon filled in and everyone reported champagne sailing conditions to the finish in Starehole Bay.

Times taken throughout the fleets varied between just under 4 and less than 5 hours with the first boats home just before two o’clock.

Well done to Neil Trathen for winning IRC and to Sam Marshall in Bernoulli for winning the Port Handicap Class.

The weather on the Sunday turned out to be pretty awful and with such a low tide and a strong onshore wind the dangers of the narrow entrance and difficult bar at the entrance made the decision to cancel the return race justified.

Final Results

IRC.              1st Elusive, Neil Trathen.               2nd Zorra, Ken Tucker.                     3rd Katisha, James|Moore.

PHC.           1st Bernoulli, Sam Marshall.          2nd Red Run, Steve Andrew.          3rd Seascape 24, Peter Wanstall.

2 Handed.   1st Rain Dancer, Jonny Martin.     2nd Sea Horse, Francis Douglas.

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Combined Class ORC.

                                                1st =   Mischief                                       Skipper  Ashley Crawford.                   Net Points 8                                                 1st = Joss of Avon                                  Skipper Mike.Nuttal                              Net Points8                                                     3rd =  Seascape 24                                 Skipper  Peter Wansall                   Net Points 12

                                                    3rd =   Sunburst                                        Skipper  Dan Flanaghan                Net Points

Combined  Class NHC.(Full Crew)

                                                1st   Seascape 24                                  Skipper  Ian Luscombe.                        Net Points  11                                                     2nd   Crazy Rhythm                                 Skipper  Aley Davies                       Net Points  18

                                                    3rd  = Jos of Avon                                    Skipper  Jos of Avon                        Net Points 23                                                               3rd  = Mischief                                           Skipper Ashley Crawford                Net Points  23

Combined Class B  NHC.(Two Handed)

                                                 1st  Katisha                                            Skipper  Terry Cross.                           Net Points 10                                                        2nd   Joburg                                          Skipper P.J. Marshall.                     Net Points 14                                                        3rd    Joy Ride                                       Skipper  Chris Tyrrell.                     Net Points 17  

 Combined Class IRC

                                                 1st.  Elusive                                            Skipper Ned Trathen                            Net Points  7                                                         2nd.Sunburst                                         Skipper Dan Flanaghan                 Net Points 21

                                                       3 rd.Xtorsion8                                         Skipper  Dave Oliver                      Net Points 22