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  Friday Series Race no.1 Series 2

This was the first race of the second series and we had quite a strong wind from the North West which varied between 12, but up to 20 odd knots, occasionally gusting briskly on an overcast but dry evening.  Altogether 20 boats came out to tackle the courses set by Race Officer Paddy O’Connor. Two different courses for the A and B classes set hoping to have all boats finishing the three laps fairly much within a short time frame and so it turned out with all boats home and dry well within the time allowed

The course for the A Group of 16 boats commenced with a spinnaker run out to Duke Rock, with most boats braving the hoisting of their spinnakers, before they turned to beat down and across the Sound to Asia Buoy and a reach back to the Mallards for second similar lap. The third lap encompassed F Buoy and North West Winter for a shorter last lap before the finish.

For the small group of 4 B Class boats the shorter F Buoy replaced Duke Rock for all three rounds as the run out with North West Winter and later North East Winter for the beats back.

The B Group , starting  5 minutes later than the larger A Group but with the shorter first leg, were soon reaching the finish line for each round at the same time which gave them and the race control team much to watch and plenty to keep them all on their toes.

Ian Luscombe’s Curly Wurly, Robert Fletcher’s I Say Ding Dong and Ian Mills’s Ingwe led after the first lap but several others were chasing hard and not that far behind. Terry Cross’s Larrikin then came through leading the smaller group just ahead of Janie Smallridge in Duchess and from then on the two fleets became quite mixed as the second round progressed.

During the last lap a real procession of boats finished one after the other with sometimes only seconds dividing them and all but one boat, that retired, reached the finish line within just under 10 minutes from first to last. It showed what a very good choice of courses were set.

Curly Wurly did take line honours for the A Group with Larrikin doing the same for the B Group.

Rumor, I Say Ding Dong, Duchess and Aquaessence came through in short order within minutes later and the Sound was very soon completely deserted. What an evening!

Final Results.

A Group IRC        . 1st Dogs Jorrocks Steve Wassell, 2nd Rumor, C.P. Dawdry. 3rd I Say Ding Dong, Robert Fletcher.

A Group ORC.        1st Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe. 2nd Dogs Jorrocks, Steve Wassell. 3rd Slipknot, Daryl Conyers.

A Group NHC.        1st Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe. 2nd Jos of Avon, Mike Nuttall, 3rd Aquaessence, Team Aqua.

B Group. NHC.       1st Larrikin, Terry Cross. 2nd Hilarity, Geoff Phillips. 3rd Duchess, Janie Smallridge.

Friday Series Race 2 Series 2

A moderate wind from the west south west of about 14 knots with the tide just having turned allowed us to set courses starting with a short beat over to Asia Buoy before turning to run across the Sound.  The first A Group to start were set a longer course with a spinnaker run out to F Buoy before beating back to New Ground and then reaching back to the Mallards.  Their second lap would encompass Asia, Dunstone and Yachthaven for a similar route and a short lap to finish with Asia and South Winter before the finish.

19 boats all made a clean start tacking out to Asia and it was soon apparent that Ian Luscombe’s Curly Wurly had taken a small lead as they turned to run across to F Buoy but she was closely followed by Pete Duffy’s Xstatic and Ashley Crawford in Mischief. These three continued to lead as they started to beat over to New Ground but Ian Mills in Ingwe was catching Mischief and eventually passed her to move into third place. These four continued to hold off all other challengers as the laps were accomplished.

Whilst all this was happening the B Fleet made their start with 10 boats charging for the line and all not quite allowing for the start of the ebbing tide with 3 over the line and having to make a restart.

The course for this class also began with a beat out to Asia but instead of F Buoy they were asked to aim for Dunstone Rock before beating over to Yachthaven Buoy. They also had a second similar lap and a third short one using Asia and Melampus before the final run to the finish line.

Janie Smallridge’s Duchess led the fleet with Plymouth Yacht Haven and Tim Burne’s Poppin and Geoff Phillips in Hilarity close behind.

With the shorter distance of the B Fleets second mark it was soon clear to see the two fleets mingling as they all aimed for Yachthaven Buoy and this being the furthest away from the watchers it was difficult to see which boats were which as they beat back and forth each time they sailed for that mark.

No doubt though about the order of the first four boats to make for the finish line with Curly Wurly first, Ingwe second and Xstatic just ahead of Mischief.  Duchess led the B Fleet home with Summertime coming second and Avago third. Two of the smaller boats unfortunately had to retire as being out of time but it was quite a long race for such small boats and they really needed a little more wind to get them home.

 Final Results

Group A IRC.        1st Ingwe, Ian Mills. 2nd Imelda, Robert Boalch. 3rd Rumor, C.P.Dawdry.

Group A ORC.       1st Slipknot, Daryl Conyers. 2nd Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe. 3rd No Name Seascape, John  McLaren.

Group A NHC.        1st Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe. 2nd Sir Jasper, Bob Suggett. 3rd Mischief, Ashley,Crawford.

Group B NHC.        1st Avago, P.J.Marshall. 2nd Plymouth Yacht Haven, Team Yacht Haven. 3rd Larrikin, Terry Cross.

Friday Series  Race 3 Series 2

After a day full of rain and gusty winds the sun came out in time for the 3rd Friday race of the series and with about 16 knots of wind from the west, southwest and a dropping tide in mid-range two courses were set for the fleets to accomplish.

The course for the A Fleet would start with a natural beat over to New Ground and a following spinnaker run across the Sound to Duke Rock before reaching down to the Mallards for a second round again beating out to New Ground but this time running over to F Buoy. A third lap would be  using Melampus for the beat and Dunstone Rock for the run before the finish at West Mallard.

As so often the leading boat out was the very quick Curly Wurly but hot upon her heels we had Steve Andrew’s Red Run, Sean Koehler’s Joy ride and Ashley Crawford’s Mischief with Steve Wassell in Dogs Jorrocks not far behind. It was not until New Ground was reached for the first time that it became clear who would reach the mark first for all boats were tacking on opposite tacks throughout but once the order became clear we could watch a very close contest evolving.

The Second B Fleet starting five minutes later had the same first mark, New Ground but the second mark was F Buoy.  Their second and third laps were the same as the last lap for the A Fleet, Melampus and Dunstone Rock before the finish at West Mallard. They were led off by Janie Smallridge in Duchess with Avago and Summertime in close contention. This order was followed throughout the three laps with Duchess taking line honours, but losing out on corrected handicaps

The A Fleet was led home by Ian Luscombe’s Curly Wurly with Joy Ride second and Red Run third. Mischief just losing out by a short margin.

This turned out to be a very good evenings racing with all 18 boats recording very good times with only a quarter of an hour separating first to last boat through the two fleets.

Final Results.

A Fleet IRC.           1st Dogs Jorrocks, Steve Wassell. 2nd Joy Ride, Sean Koehler. ( only two entered this class.

A Fleet ORC.         1st Dogs Jorrocks, Steve Wassell. 2nd Soundbit, Robin Butterworth. 3rd Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe.

A Fleet IRC            1st Avango, P.J.Marshall. 2nd Plymouth Yacht Haven, Mark Prue. 3rd Sirene, John Freeman.

 B Fleet IRC.          1st Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe. 2nd Red Run, Steve Andrew. 3rd Joy Ride, Sean Koehler.         

Friday Series  Race 4 Series 2

This Friday’s racing had to be cancelled owing to bad weather conditions, Strong Winds and heavy mist and rain with almost no visibility.

 It is our intention to advise any cancellation or change of  start etc. via facebook, email, by placing notices at Yachthaven and Oreston Slipway and by regular transmissions on channel 72 from 17.30 - 18.30hrs.

PYC Sailing Committee

Friday Series Race 5 Series 2

After the weather of last week when we had to cancel racing because of inclement weather this week we had a calm sea and at least quite a reasonable breeze with clear skies and some late sunshine. Race Officer Mike Pearson decided to set the same course for both fleets as wind strength was variable and likely to drop. At the start we had about 15 knots of wind from the South West and the first mark chosen was a beat out to Asia before reaching across the Sound to F Buoy then beating over to New Ground. With the wind already gradually dropping the next leg would be a spinnaker run down to South Mallard ready to start a second lap from West Mallard. This would also start by beating over to Asia but then reaching to Dunstone Rock before beating to Yachthaven then home to the Mallards.

The A Fleet made a fine start with all 14 boats making for Asia with Ingwe leading followed by Curly Wurly and all others in close contention. The fleet was sailing very well at this point and were soon making good progress to New Ground after passing F Buoy.

We now saw the start of the B Fleet of 10 yachts with Avago and Calvados in the lead all coming out to add confusion for watchers as they met the A Fleet boats who were tacking across to New ground as the B’s  reached out to F Buoy.

It was now that we began to lose wind and as the first boats reached New Ground and started their run back to home ground we were able to see first Ian Mill’s Ingwe then Ian Luscombe’s Curly Wurly soon followed by Mischief and Red run as they hoisted spinnakers and started the return leg. It was noticeable that as boats reached New Ground they were finding less breeze as they approached the shore and it was realised that a reduction of course laps would be required. The Race Officer made the decision to abandon a third lap and reduce the race to 2 laps only for the A Fleet and with wind dropping even more, to inform the B Fleet that they would finish at the end of their one lap.

With their positions unchanged as the first fleet set off on their second lap it was clear that some would struggle to complete within the time limit.

The B Fleet were completing satisfactorily with P.J. Marshall bringing in Avago first but closely followed by Keith Woodgate in Calvados with Terry Cross in Larrikin third just ahead of Duchess.

There were a few changes in the finishing order of the A Fleet with Red Run and Dogs Jorrocks overtaking Mischief by a short margin but nevertheless all boats reached home in due time to complete a satisfactory days racing.

Final Results.

 A Fleet ORC.             1st Dogs Jorrocks, Steve Wassell.        2nd Soundbite, Robin Butterworth.            3rd Slipknot, Daryl Conyers.

A Fleet NHC.              1st Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe.             2nd Academy 1 Andrew Hudson.               3rd Sir Jasper Bob Suggett.

B Fleet NHC.              1st Avago, P .J. Marshall.                       2nd Calvados, Keith Woodgate.                 3rd Larrikin, Terry Cross.


 Friday Series Race 6 Series 2

A reasonable fine evening with a light breeze from the West, South West and a rising Spring Tide made Race Officer Chris Compton favour slightly different courses for the two fleets for their races tonight.

The larger A Fleet would start with a beat out to Asia Buoy and then run back across the Sound to Dunstone Rock before beating across to Yachthaven Buoy and then home through South and then West Mallard ready to start a similar second lap.

The B Fleet would also complete that same first lap but would then for the second lap still beat to Asia but followed by a run to South Winter before finishing through the Mallards.

13 boats made an excellent start for the A Fleet with all boats very close as they rounded Asia with a red spinnaker the first to rise but immediately followed by a host of others with White, blue and multi-coloured spinnakers all chasing hard.

Even before this fleet started the beat over to Yachthaven, the B Fleet of 6 boats were making their way in good shape out to Asia and with Tim Burns Poppin leading ahead of Duchess she rounded and they then made their way over to Dunstone Rock.

The two fleets were soon difficult to separate as all boats were beating and using a large area of the Sound in all directions but we could see Ian Luscombe’s Curly Wurly rounding Yachthaven first with Steve Wassell in Dogs Jorrocks, Steve Andrew in Red Run and Ashley Crawford in Mischief, not all that far behind.

The B Fleet was still being led by Poppin and Duchess and with Chris Tyrrell in Summertime closing fast.

A third lap had been envisaged for both groups but as the wind was rather light and not showing any sign of increasing the Race Officer, quite reasonably, cancelled that lap both both fleets.

First home to take line honours was Ian Luscombe in Curly Wurly with Dogs Jorrocks second and Mischief third from the A fleet but Robin Butterworth’s Soundbite was very close and would undoubtedly have a good handicap advantage to put him in with a good chance of a podium finish.

The B Fleet were finishing at the same time from their shorter course and Janie Smallridge in Duchess may have come in first but retired, having fouled a buoy on route. Tim Burne in Poppin crossed the line second and would go on to claim first place.

Final Results.

7 A Fleet ORC.  1st Soundbite, Robin Butterworth.    2nd Dogs Jorrocks, Steve Wassell.   3rd Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe.

A Fleet NHC.     1st Academy 1 Andrew Hudson.      2nd Soundbite, Robin Butterworth.    3rd Seascape Distribution, Peter                                                                                                                                                                                                   Wanstall.

B Fleet NHC.      1st Poppin, Tim Burne.                       2nd Whiffler, Chris Tempest.              3rd Larrikin, Terry Cross.


Friday Series  Race 7 Series 2

It is with considerable regret that this evenings racing was been cancelled . Current forecasts had the winds in the late 20's in the Sound and the forecast was for these to increase throughout the late afternoon and into the evening.

 It is our intention to advise any cancellation or change of  start etc. via facebook, email, by placing notices at Yachthaven and Oreston Slipway and by regular transmissions on channel 72 from 17.30 - 18.30hrs.

PYC Sailing Committee


Friday Series Race 8 Series 2

After the last week when weather conditions dictated that the races were cancelled because of forecast gale force winds, this week we had glorious sunshine, a calm sea and Westerly Winds of about 2 to 3 knots and a rising Spring Tide.

Hey ho! Who would be a Race Officer faced with setting courses with such conditions. Nevertheless with about 20 boats all ready to do their best, Race Officer Chris Compton set a short course to challenge the fleet.

All boats would follow the same course, beating out to Melampus, then running over to Dunstone Rock before returning to the start position for a similar second lap if the wind didn’t drop completely.

On time the A Fleet started successfully and watchers waited to see how they would manage against the tide with such a light breeze. They slowly edged out into the Sound with most boat taking the starboard tack to get out into the centre of the Sound where the tide was not quite so strong but it was difficult to see which boat would take the lead.

With only 5 minutes between starts we listened for the B Fleet signal, making their start whilst some of the A Fleet were still trying to cross the line having been too far away as their start was made. The two fleets therefore tended to become merged together, although with slower boats in this second group we did see a separation before long.

With Melampus lying in the line of sun shining on the water it was difficult to make out the position of any boat but eventually the first rounded and hoisted her spinnaker to aim for Dunstone Rock and we could see that it was Ian Luscombe’s Curly Wurly. She made slow but steady progress, well ahead of any other boat and rounding the second buoy to reach down to the Mallards before a second came into view these were Dogs Jorrocks and Joie de Vivre with Ingwe some way behind.

In the distance we could see a collection of yachts all trying to round Melampus for the first time but they were too far away to distinguish which was which and all were finding the tide made rounding difficult but gradually the fleets were rounding and coming across the Sound for the first time.

It was now becoming clear that with the wind dropping even further a decision would soon have to be made about the number of laps that could be envisaged and the Race Officer eventually decided wisely that the race would have to be a one lap event even though Curly Wurly and Dogs Jorrocks were already well into a second.

Several of the smaller boats had to retire as they were finding Melampus too tricky with the tide against them and only 14 boats all told were able to complete that single lap.

Final Results

A Fleet ORC.     1st Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe.     2nd Dogs Jorrocks, Steve Wassell.     3rd Joie de Vivre, Adam James.

A Fleet NHC.     1st Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe.     2nd Dogs Jorrocks, Steve Wassell.      3rd Sir Jasper Bob Suggett.

B Fleet NHC.     1st Summertime, Chris Tyrrell,      2nd Larrikin, Terry Cross.                        3rd Hilarity, Geoff Phillips.

Friday Series Race 9 Series 2

A lovely evening with sunshine, a flat sea and a steady North Wind that blew between 10 and 16 knots with an Ebbing Neap Tide.  What more could one wish for when preparing for an evening racing.

The Race Officer, Chris Compton, set two courses for the two fleets, a slightly longer one for the A Fleet than the slower second class of smaller boats. Starting for the A Fleet with a spinnaker run out to Duke Rock before beating down to Asia Buoy then reaching over to the two Mallards. 2 shorter laps would follow using F Buoy as the outer mark with North West Winter for the return.

The B Fleet would use that shorter course for their first lap and two further laps using F Buoy and North East Winter for their later beats.

All 25 boats were milling around ready for the first start but some yachts from the A Fleet were caught by the ebbing tide and caused a general recall as too many boats were over the line when the signal was given.

We then had the B Fleet starting on time with all 8 boats clear and with spinnakers raised making off for their first mark F Buoy.

The A Fleet having to re-start 5 minutes later and all being clear this time, we saw a marvellous show of coloured spinnakers as they exited the Plym setting off for Duke Rock.

The B Fleet were being led out by Summertime with Avago and Hilarity close behind and were soon rounding F Buoy as the A Fleet began passing them on the way to Duke Rock, which they later reached in a very close grouping that made picking out individuals somewhat difficult.

With all boats now beating back down the Sound they soon spread out in all directions but we were able to see Summertime, followed by Avago and Hilarity as they started their second round before the first boats of the A Fleet turned Asia then reaching over to the Mallards for the first time. Curly Wurly led this fleet with Aquaessence second and Mischief third.

As we watched, the two fleets become somewhat mingled with all beating northwards or running south out to F Buoy for the second and third time but suffice to say all but one boat were able to complete their three laps within the time limit with many of the B Fleet coming home before members of the  A Fleet. A great night’s racing and all will have enjoyed such a fine evenings sailing.


A Fleet ORC    . 1st Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe.     2nd Soundbite, Robin Butterworth.     3rd Dogs Jorrocks, Steve Wassell.

A Fleet NHC.      1st Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe.     2nd Aquaessence, Team Aqua.         3rd Sir Jasper, Bob Suggett.

B Fleet NHC.      1st Avago, P.J.Marshall.                2nd Summertime, Chris Tyrrell.           3rd Hilarity, Geoff Phillips

Friday Series  Race 10 Series 2

The last race of the season for Friday evening races looked to be favoured with a reasonable westerly breeze of about 8 knots on a rising spring tide just 3 hours before high water. The early start of 1800 hrs due to the shortening evening daylight meant that a slightly shorter course would be set to allow all boats to finish in decent light.

Race Officer Paddy O’Connor sent the A Fleet out on a beat to St Nicholas for the first mark with a run back to Dunstone Rock before a second beat to Melampus with a reach down to the Mallards for the first lap. A second similar lap would follow and if time allowed a third shorter lap could be used.

For the B Fleet their first lap would be the same as the earlier fleet but a second lap would use North West Winter, Dunstone, Melampus and the Mallards only.

On time the 11 boats of the A Fleet set off, all on different tacks trying to find the best tidal flow to reach St Nicholas as quickly as possible. Quite a scramble to reach and round in good time before hoisting spinnakers for the run. A close thing but Curly Wurly rounded first with several boats close together following.

As we watched that mark being closed by many boats we could also see the six boats of the second B Fleet following in their wake with several soon closing on the last of the first fleet in quite fine style.

At this point we discerned a white sheet of rain flying in over Drakes Island as the first of the B Fleet rounded St Nicholas chasing the spinnakers as set and without much warning all boats disappeared from sight in the powerful gusts that took the rain horizontally to hamper the crews just as the first boats were rounding Dunstone Rock and starting the return beat.

Gusts of up to 25 knots and above were recorded by the Race Team in the Startbox and watchers were to see much disarray within the fleets as spinnakers were causing problems with boats going wildly off course as crews fought to control their headings.

A few changes took place with boats gaining or losing places during the wild moments but suffice it to say no boats failed to complete their respective courses and all arrived home in good order with many passing the finish line in close contention.

Only two laps for each fleet were considered quite sufficient and peace took over from what had been a fairly wild, and certainly wet, evenings racing.

 Final results.

A Fleet ORC.     1st Dogs Jorrocks, Steve Wassell.    2nd Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe.   3rd No Name Seascape, John McLaren.

A Fleet NHC.     1st Curly Wurly, Ian Luscombe.           2nd No Name Seascape, John McLaren. 3rd Aquaessence, Team Aqua.

B Fleet NHC.     1st Avago, P.J. Marshall.                    2nd Poppin, Tim Burne.                 3rd Summertime, Chris Tyrrell.


Friday Night Series 2 Final Positions  Top Three

Combined Class A  ORC.

                                                1st    Dogs Jorrocks,                               Skipper  Steve Wassell. Net Points 12

                                                     2nd   Curly Wurly,                                  Skipper  Ian Luscombe.    Net Points13

                                                     3rd    Soundbite,                                     Skipper  Robin Butterworth.Net Points 21

Combined  Class A NHC.

                                                1st    Curly Wurly,                                      Skipper  Ian Luscombe.  Net Points  7

                                                     2nd   Academy 1,                                   Skipper  Andrew Hudson. Net Points. 33

                                                     3rd   Sir Jasper,                                      Skipper  Bob Suggett            Net Points 34

Combined Class B  NHC.

                                                 1st    Larrikin,                                            Skipper  Terry Cross. Net Points 29.5

                                                        2nd   Avago,                                      Skipper P.J. Marshall. Net Points 37

                                                        3rd    Summertime,                           Skipper  Chris Tyrrell. Net Points 39