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          The Plym Yacht Club hosts several events such as the Friday Night Series (I and II), the Keith Hyde (for fully crewed yachts) and Danny Sargent (or two handed yachts) Memorial Race (Long Distance Race), the Plym Yacht Club Regatta, the Plymouth Inshore Points Series and Saturday Afternoon Autumn Series (specifically aimed at cruisers in NHC Divisions A, B and C). The races generally take place in Plymouth Sound, utilizing various buoys as markers to race around. The racing can be challenging as the bay is somewhat sheltered, and at times there is a dying incoming sea breeze that is heading in a different direction from the upcoming evening breeze off the land. Tidal considerations also confuse the issue further. Most of the fleet consists of Portsmouth Yardstick Divisions FastA, PYA, PYB, and PYC but there are also other classes if enough boats present themselves, eg IRC or Ballad etc., in  the order of six boats +., and the handicap split varies depending on entry, but can peak at around 17 - 20 boats in a class during popular times ! In September / October we run a series of races on Saturday afternoon aimed at cruisers that want to improve their sailing by taking part in gentle racing. Don't worry if you've never raced before, this series is for you.

A NEW class has been introduced,


This class is  for the cruising fraternity to gently race without all the hastle of full blown racers. They race ONLY under main and jib/genoa and spinnakers or cruising shutes are BANNED. The handcaps will be based on the Port Handicap for their boat. If this class takes off we may expand it to cover other events in the year.

The best way to enter events is to come to the club house and get an entry form and a Yearbook, which has all of the instructions on payment of the fee.

How to moor your boat the easy way, the RLNI way

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